Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma Cutting Machine
Product Details

plasma cutting machine Specifications:
1.Light beam design, good rigidity, light weight and tiny moving inertia.
2.Y axis adopts double motors with double drivers. XYZ axis round rail, moving smoothly, with high accuracy. (option: square rail)
3.Excellent performance on cutting 3D illuminated letters for advertising and channel letters on metal surface board
4.Work together with other advertising machines, such as CNC router and so on, improving working efficiency
5.small cutting gap, no residua high cutting speed, high accuracy and low cost advanced CNC control system, Auto Arc, arcing success rate over 99%
6.adopt well known plasma power supply and domestic cutting torch.

plasma cutting machine is the most common process used for cutting thick stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper and host of other alloys of steel. The cut quality is very sharp and most economical even for ferrous materials such as mild steel. Plasma cutting process is fast replacing the commonly used oxy fuel cutting for thicknesses in the range of 0.5mm to 50mm thicknesses.

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