2017 Minsheng Machinery Annual Meeting Held

January 7th, Ningbo Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd. in the company headquarters held 2017 annual meeting. This year will be a dream Festival, soar 2017 "as the theme, the full support of the audience. The concerted efforts and hard work, and fully equipped for glory, Min Sheng Machinery will go full of hope and challenge in 2017.

After the award ceremony, the annual meeting will enter the second agenda, the company's offices around the country gathered in the conference room, summed up the development of 2016 and a bit on the prospects for the year 2017. The meeting by the general manager of Tong Jianjin's speech at the beginning of the people Sheng Machinery Sales in 2016 to do a summary of the results and the release of Sheng Machinery 2017 strategic plan. Over the past year, Min Sheng Machinery has made remarkable achievements, in the whole machine market downturn, still open up a new situation in marketing, to retain old customers and the development of a large number of new customers in the fierce competition and achieved good market share. Summary of the child always said that this is the seventeenth year of the establishment of people Sheng machinery. Over the past 17 years, the people of all over the country in the office of the staff and the company's efforts of all staff, one step at a time to grow and progress. In the process of development, the people fear the rain Sheng Machinery, positive energy has always been to pull together in times of trouble, attitude to deal with all the problems in the industry have been well received!

The past is past, the future is full of challenges. Thinking in the summary, a breakthrough in innovation, all the participants have to speak up, give advice and suggestions for the future development of the company. Looking back on 2016, this is the Sheng Machinery busy year, all the staff sweat in each position, offered idea force. Looking ahead to 2017, this will be a year for the people to complete the work of the machine, in 2017 the people Sheng Machinery will work harder, with excellent technology to produce quality products, with a sincere heart to provide our clients with professional services. The new year, all of the people Sheng who will go hand in hand, for in 2017 for the company to make a more satisfactory answer.

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