Analysis Of Reference Point Of CNC Milling Machine

CNC milling machine is divided into two categories with a knife library and without a magazine, which with a tool magazine CNC milling machine, also known as the processing center. When selecting CNC milling machine tool, choose the tool with high rigidity and high durability according to the geometrical shape, material, surface quality requirements, cutting performance and machining allowance of the machined parts. The angle of the cutter has the front angle, the rear angle, the main angle, the vice angle, the blade angle, etc., in order to meet the different processing needs, there are many angles combination type.

For CNC milling machine processing, the processing steps are mainly for process analysis, mathematical calculation, programming and simulation, knife, test cut, formal processing and other links. Among them, to ensure that the quality of CNC milling machine processing is an important part of the knife, which is because the CNC milling machine itself is in accordance with the preparation process control, and only the establishment of a correct and reasonable coordinate system in order to ensure the rationality of the tool movement trajectory, And thus ensure the quality of processing.

The coordinate system of CNC milling machine is divided into machine coordinate system and mechanical coordinate system. The machine coordinate system is the coordinate system established by the reference point of the machine tool, and the mechanical coordinate value is the important basis for judging the position of the tool. For CNC milling machine, since the workpiece origin is a "moving" point, only the mechanical coordinates of the workpiece origin can be accurately applied to the CNC milling machine, and you want to accurately determine the mechanical coordinates of the workpiece origin The value must be achieved through the knife.

Summary of the CNC machine tool 87 reference point to be analyzed, the details of the sarcastic, the machine tool reference point machine zero and zero between the process of my company's existing CNC machine tools, back to the base of the different ways, are based on machine tools Their own characteristics and use a different way to find the machine reference point. Back to the base point is an important function of CNC machine tools, whether the correct return to the reference point, will affect the accuracy of product processing, so whether the correct reference point is the most critical CNC machine asked. The backstart operation is closely related to the position detection and velocity feedback links. The accuracy of the reference point is related to the accuracy of the detection element. In this paper, we introduce examples of back to the base point, so that we have a comprehensive understanding of the benchmark for CNC machine tools.

1 back to the base point of several ways to return to the base point of operation because of the type of machine and the manufacturer of the different serial number of the measured value after the revised value of the measured value is accurate.

5 Conclusion 3 elbow 3 system has a spatial positioning function, the use of the system to determine the banana beam space arc coordinate size, with the gasket to adjust, to eliminate the deformation caused by the error to meet the paper size requirements to ensure the stability of the installation of continuous casting equipment and The use of precision, the date of receipt of the same date, the following several ways to discuss the back before the reference point, the first manual way to select a speed to the axis near the reference point, and then start the back to the base point of operation. The shaft moves at the turn-off speed to the reference point and reaches the reference point switch. The measurement system, ie, looks for the zero mark on the position detection element. When the zero mark is reached. Issued a zero mark pulse signal. The shaft is braked to zero under this signal. And then forward the specified distance from the size of the software parameters set. Can be zero, the same stop. The stop position is the base point.

Back to the base point, the axis first to return to the base point speed to the base point of rapid movement, hit back to the base point switch. Decrease to the off speed under the control of the generated deceleration signal. Continue before moving the axis to the measuring system Zero to zero, then stop to the specified distance and stop at the reference point at the turn-off speed.