Careful to Pay More Attentions to These Tips(2)

3)Then,the service after sale can’t be ignored,which consists of two ascepts ,one question is to deal with the latter issue,the other is a late technical support.

So,the CNC engraving machine supplier remind you have to compare not at least one time ,it’s important to choice a reliable factory.

4)Finally,it refers to system problems ,such as some abnoramal s ituation of computer can cause many problems lead to many unnecessary trouble.

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Therefore,The technical summarizes several aspects that should be paid attention to 3 tips as fellow:

1)regularly clean the chassis dust, pay attention to the chassis of the heat, be careful too much dust caused by industrial card error.

2)regularly defragment the disk, optimizing the computer system.

3)regularly killing the virus, but pay attention to the work can not open the degree of anti-virus, careful interference.

Welcome all the customers make communicate with the manufacturer and know clear about the performance ,whenchoose the china CNC engraving machine.

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