CNC Milling Machine To Use Four Will Be

CNC milling machine in the ordinary milling machine on the basis of the gradual development of an automatic processing equipment, we must use the process of master 'four will', the following to introduce the next four.

The first use of CNC milling machine operators to learn the operating procedures, and familiar with the milling machine structure performance and transmission, know and understand the correct use of processing technology and tooling tools.

The second will be maintained, according to the correct implementation of CNC milling machine maintenance and lubrication, regular cleaning and maintenance of CNC milling machine clean and complete.

The third inspection will be well aware of the parts of the CNC milling machine wearing parts, and know all the inspection items, standards and methods, and carry out daily inspection according to regulations.

The fourth will be troubleshooting, familiar with the characteristics of CNC milling machine, know the difference between normal and abnormal phenomena, know the parts of the disassembly, and can make a correct fault handling, can help maintenance personnel to eliminate complex failures.

So we would like to know the CNC milling machine also know why, the use of maintenance as well as the use of CNC milling machine to better use, let it play the greatest effect.