Engraving And Milling Machine Fast Processing Speed

Engraving and milling machine can be carved, also can be milling, Engraving and milling machine on the basis of increasing the spindle, servo motor power, the bearing capacity of the bed, while maintaining the spindle speed, more importantly, high accuracy. This series of machine tools, our company has been produced for many years, is the main production of machine tools, not only to produce the whole machine, but also the production of optical machinery.

Engraving and milling machine product description

Using the spindle - high torque and durable

- Engraving and milling machine using the Fifth Generation Japanese Yaskawa servo motor and drive

- using precision grinding grade of Taiwan silver or intime C3 level of ball screw, high precision, fast speed, low noise, automatically eliminate the gap, wear-resistant, durable

- beams using resin sand casting process, using the refined iron cast of "whole Pi" structure, the sword cutting is smooth, reliable motion, high shock resistance, good stability, fast moving speed

In the use of air conditioning compressor spindle oil cooler, ensuring high-speed spindle long time operation and durability.

Engraving and milling machines can not only confirm whether the sequence is accurate, but also through self-examination. Can also know whether it meets the requirements of machining precision, and can be used as if the parts to be processed data to test run, can better reflect the results of the practice, when processing parts does not fit the processing skill requirements, can correct the order or accept size compensation measures.

Engraving and milling machine is suitable for a wide range, widely used in precision mold, mold, rough finishing, a completion of the mold, copper electrode, aluminum products batch processing, shoe mold manufacturing, tooling processing, watches, eyes industry. Engraving and milling machine for its high cost performance, processing speed, processing products smooth finish, in the machine tool industry increasingly important position, for industrial automation is a necessary processing link.