Engraving And Milling Machine In General Use Longmen Style Architecture

Engraving and milling machine is mainly used to complete the workpiece with smaller amount of milling, such as finishing of small mold. The utility model is suitable for the processing of copper, graphite and other materials.

I. processing range

Machining centers, engraving and milling machines can process non metals and metals, or even mold with high hardness.

Two, appearance volume

The machining center has the largest volume. The large 1690 model is 4m*3m in size, and the smaller 850 model is also in 2.5m*2.5m. Engraving milling machine than machining center of small size, relatively large type 750 machine is generally in 2.2m*2m.

Three. Mechanical structure

Machining centers generally use cantilever type, engraving and milling machine, generally use Longmen style architecture. Longmen is divided into pillars and fixed beam, the engraving and milling machine with multi beam Shiju.

Four, index data

Spindle maximum speed (r/min): Machining Center 8000; engraving and milling machine is the most common 30000.

Spindle power: machining center from thousands of watts to tens of kilowatts, engraving and milling machine in less than ten kilowatts.

Cutting quantity: machining center cutting quantity is big, especially suitable for heavy cutting, open rough; engraving and milling machine cutting amount is small, suitable for finishing.

Speed: the speed and feed speed of the engraving and milling machine is faster than the machining center, especially the high-speed machine equipped with linear motor, the speed is up to 120m/min.

Engraving and milling machine is mainly used for large size, surface accuracy, surface smoothness, rigidity, stability, high precision parts, copper electrode, mold (mold, aluminum mold, plastic mold and other small and medium sized mold), knife mold, graphite, ceramic, metallurgical fixture, 3C products, design exclusive knife a library. With 8 straight knife, bamboo hat type 12 knife.