Classification and working principle of CNC engraving machine

CNC engraving machine, including stone engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, glass engraving machine, laser engraving machine, wood engraving machine, plasma engraving machine, laser cutting machine, but basically have similar characteristics. Take advertising engraving machine, the CNC engraving machine from the functional point of view can be divided into low-power engraving machine and high-power engraving machine two categories.

Low-power engraving machine refers to the carving machine with less power engraving machine (generally 80-200W), because of its small carving motor power, can only be applied to the cutting surface less fine processing. Such as: badges, sand table model, handicraft surface processing.

High-power engraving machine is engraving machine with engraving motor power of more than 700W. This type of engraving machine can be low-power carving can also be high-power carving. For example: the production of crystal words, all kinds of advertising signs, sheet of irregular cutting molding, artificial stone processing. Because of its power, so once you can cut 30mm thick plexiglass or with a knife for high-power molding carving.

CNC engraving machine works:

CNC engraving machine Universal microcomputer to install a dedicated design and layout software for graphics, text design, layout, automatically generate processing path information, through the USB interface or other data transmission interface to the tool path data transmission to the microcontroller, CNC system to receive tool path data , The completion of display and user interaction and a series of functions, with a specific algorithm to enter the input path information into CNC information, the controller to convert this information into the stepper motor or servo motor signal (pulse), control engraving machine X, Y, Z three-axis pass. At the same time milling, you can carve out on the computer design of a variety of flat or three-dimensional graphics text, to achieve carving automation.