The Characteristics Of Fine Machining Spindle Of CNC Engraving Machine

CNC engraving machine mainly by the machine, spindle, gantry, control system, transmission system and other components, in which the spindle motor is particularly important. CNC engraving machine spindle motor is also divided into precision machining spindle and high power cut off the spindle.

1, CNC engraving machine Fine processing spindle is characterized by low noise, high speed, height, suitable for processing particularly fine parts, such as seals, nameplate, badge gifts and so on. Such CNC engraving machine spindle motor is usually high-speed variable frequency motor, power less, as in 250W below. The disadvantage is that the ability to cut off the thick material is poor, do not cut off the thicker material.

2, CNC engraving machine high-power cut off the spindle, mainly used for cutting, high-power engraved, characterized by large power, cutting ability, especially for cutting, three three-dimensional words, of course, can also make badges, nameplates, seals and so on. This type of CNC engraving machine high-power spindle according to the characteristics of the motor can be divided into brushless high-speed AC motor and brush AC motor, the main difference is:

A, brushless variable frequency motor speed, variable speed range of 70060000 rev / min, and the general brush AC motor maximum speed does not exceed 24000 r / min:

B, brushless frequency conversion motor high precision, wear small, low noise, the noise is much lower than the brush AC motor;

C, brushless inverter motor stall characteristics, because the inverter has a special current limiting circuit, a short time will not burn the motor will not burn, and brush exchange machine in the overload operation or stall will soon smoke Burned and can not be repaired;

D, brushless frequency conversion motor with frequency control technology speed, is a professional-grade products, long life, CNC engraving machine manufacturers to provide 1 year free replacement, the future can also be replaced by high-speed bearings on the motor maintenance, and brush AC motor The use of electrical discharge life of about 300 hours have to replace the motor or motor carbon brush, so the brush brush AC motor is usually one day without warranty.

Therefore, customers in the preparation of the purchase of CNC engraving machine, to clear their own use of CNC engraving machine, so good according to the use of CNC engraving machine to determine the size of CNC engraving machine spindle.