What Is A Three-axis CNC Milling Machine?

Three-axis CNC milling machine usually refers to our ordinary CNC milling machine, CNC milling machine standard for the three-axis CNC milling machine, according to the customer to install four-axis five-axis, three-axis CNC milling machine is our most widely used series.

Vertical CNC milling machine (three-axis) The most effective processing surface is only the top of the workpiece, horizontal CNC milling machine with rotary table, can only complete the workpiece on four sides processing. At present, high-end CNC milling machine is moving in the direction of five-axis control, the workpiece can be completed once the five-dimensional processing of the five. Such as the configuration of the five-axis linkage of the high-end CNC system, but also on the complex spatial surface of high-precision processing.

Three-axis CNC milling machine in the processing, the direction of the knife axis is not changed, the movement is limited, relatively simple programming, and now generally use a dedicated programming software for auxiliary programming, I here to UG as an example. Relative three-axis, five-axis machining center programming is very important two points: the drive method and the arbor, these two settings are important. In addition, it is important to specify the part to be machined and to avoid overcutting or cutting incomplete.