EDM Wire Cutting HF Softeware

EDM Wire Cutting HF Softeware
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EDM wire cutting softeware
HF(V7.0) can run in two mode conventional and expanded. We can select mode in main menu [system parameter]. As long as not working in processing state, we can switch mode conveniently. 

1. Usually, working under 'expanded mode', some instability coming from computer can be avoid.
2. To work under 'expanded mode', you must set the computer's ramdrive disk (as long as you don't cancel it, setting one time is ok). 

You can use 'set/cancel ramdrive disk' in 'system parameter' under main menu to set ramdrive disk. HF automatically set the ramdrive disk t0 30M. So you must calculate the computer's memory: under DOS, it is greater than 32M; under Windows98/ME, it is greater than 64M. 

Though the default setting is 'conventional mode' when first install this software. But we suggest you set the computer's ramdrive disk, and change the mode to 'expanded mode '.

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