Molybdenum Wire For EDM

Molybdenum Wire For EDM
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Our Cold Roiling molybdenum EDM wire is made of selected high quality molybdenum raw materials,and produced by special technology. It has features of good stability,high cutting precision,wear resistance,which improved the cutting efficiency and reduced the cost.


Molybdenum wire has properties of high tensile strength,small elongation ratio,good stability and high cutting precison.Cutting Molybdenum Wire is for cutting machining for copper molds,hard-metal,magnetic materials,etc. Refer to molybdenum wire used for high-speed edm wirecut,there are various sizes available:0.10mm/0.12mm/0.14mm/0.16mm/0.18mm/0.20mm~~And 0.18mm is the most common size used. There ard fixed sizes for each spool and no-fixed sizes for each roll,factory can also customize the length according to requirement.

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